Second Season Of David Fincher’s House Of Cards To Start Production In The Spring


As we go into the last week before the debut of David Fincher’s long awaited television series, House Of Cards, on Netflix, we can expect a season two, and sooner than we all thought.

The second season of the show will start production this spring, and the show is aiming to be a massive feather in Netflix’s cap, as they attempt to branch off into major serialized content.

With Fincher aboard for what seems like a long haul here, and Arrested Development on the way, Netflix has become a juggernaut in the world of television projects, and as a second season gets ready to start shooting, this show appears to be one hell of a beast. Toss in Kevin Spacey as the show’s lead, as well as Fincher being behind the camera for at least the first two episodes, the show may be just a week away, this writer cannot wait any longer to lay his eyes upon this show.

The show debuts on February 1.

Source The Playlist