Set Photos Tease At Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel [Updated]

wes anderson framed darjeeling

[Update: at the request of the studio, the set photos have been taken down]

The fine folks over at the Film Stage have put together an excellent post collecting a number of set photos from Wes Anderson‘s new film: The Grand Budapest Hotel (thanks to for linking to them). It looks like they were first collected over on this Tumblr.

A simple description of the story, from IMDB:

The troubles and tribulations of Mr. Gustave, who serves as the hotel’s perfectly composed concierge.

I think I was sold back when it was described as being inspired by the films of Ernst Lubitsch & Billy Wilder. Below are a few of the shots, head to The Film Stage for all of them.

Pictures removed at the request of the studio.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is due to premiere in 2014.

Source: The Film Stage (via





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