Seth MacFarlane Set To Host The Oscars

Talk about a shocking choice.

Now, while it may seem on first glance like a demographic grab by an Academy of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences that has had issues as of late grabbing the eyes of the younger set, AMPAS has come out of nowhere and made what this writer believes to be their wisest choice in recent years.   Monday the Academy announced that none other than Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and all around showman has taken the hosting liberties for the upcoming ceremony.

As not only an admitted fan of MacFarlane and his television and film work (Ted is all kinds of hilarious), the biggest thing about MacFarlane is that he’s a consummate showman. Quite a funny, charming and likeable guy, he’s also a solid singer and just a great entertainer. He’ll bring the edge that will get the younger set in, while having the admitted pop-culture reverence that will make him a really solid host for a show like this. Hopefully he’ll be allowed to have a tad bit of freedom, because we may have something special on our hands here.

Source Deadline

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