Soundtrack Commentary For Django Unchained Featuring Quentin Tarantino Arrives Online


If there is one thing that director Quentin Tarantino is a nerd for other than cinema, it’s music. Arguably best known for his anachronistic music choices, a full length commentary featuring the director has arrived, this time not for his latest film Django Unchained, but instead for that film’s rather superb soundtrack.

The director sat down and discussed each track on the soundtrack, and also what his favorite musical sequences were from the film. I myself wasn’t a fan of Django, but the soundtrack is indeed superb, and if anything is more enjoyable than listening to Tarantino talk about his films, I haven’t heard it yet. This is a really engaging and entertaining listen, and proves that the greatest aspect of Tarantino’s film, in this writer’s eyes, is the soundtrack. The film is fine, but poorly paced, and feels almost incomplete. The soundtrack however, is as perfectly curated as any he’s ever made. ¬†You can download it over at iTunes.

Source JoBlo

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