Spike Lee Working On New Documentary Focusing On Gulf Oil Spill

Ever the topical filmmaker, Spike Lee won’t let BP and the oil spill that has forever tarnished the oil magnet’s name, go away easy.

According to Yahoo, the director recently screened 90 minutes of his upcoming film, If God Is Willing And Da Creek Won’t Rise, at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in San Diego over this past weekend, and apparently, ‘no one from the oil giant is speaking to him.’

The film is his follow up to his rather powerful and striking documentary, When The Levees Broke, and looks at the effect that this horrible disaster has had on those who haven’t yet quite recovered from Katrina.

No release date is set for the project, but one can only think that HBO will not be quiet about the film when it does in fact get to be the time of the documentary’s premiere. Personally, this is one film that I can’t wait to see, as not only is HBO continually putting out fantastic films both fact and fiction based, but Lee is a filmmaker that when a fire is lit under him, he makes truly remarkable pieces of cinema. Hopefully this is one of those times.

Source: Yahoo

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