Spike Lee’s BAD25 Heading To ABC

As the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s iconic album, Bad, nears (it hit stores on August 31, 1987), Spike Lee is readying a documentary looking into the creation and subsequent impact of the album, and now we know just when we’ll be able to see it.

The film, BAD25, has been nabbed by network ABC, and will be shown on their channel this Thanksgiving, following a run during the upcoming fall festival lineup.

Lee’s film will feature interviews with current artists who were impacted by the album and the seminal artist, those who knew him personally, and those who knew him professionally, even including one Martin Scorsese, who himself helmed the video for the album’s title track.

Personally, as a member of a generation who only knows the Jackson that became a controversial lightning rod, it will be a real joy to see just how influential and important this man was to both an art form, and those who work inside of it. Truly changing music both aurally and, arguably most pertinently, visually, Jackson is and will always be one of the most important figures of his generation. And who is better to do him justice than Spike Lee.

Source The Wrap