Stephen Frears To Remake ‘The Hit’

I have no idea as to what planet this would remotely sound good on.

Variety is reporting that of all the films released, it is Stephen Frears’ fantastically brutal thriller, and Criterion spine number 469, ‘˜The Hit’, that will be getting the remake treatment.   The outlet is reporting that the team of Frears, along with his writing partner Peter Price will be back for the film, as will producer Jeremy Thomas (the same guy behind the recent ‘˜Last Emperor’ 3D conversion) will all be working on this new film.

Personally, I think this is both an odd choice, and yet one that’s kind of appealing.   The cast in the first film was so great, particularly people like Terence Stamp and Tim Roth (and particularly John Hurt), that while the crackerjack kidnapping narrative could be a fine story to retell, I’m not sure it’s one that hasn’t seen its best adaptation.

Overall, with the team of Frears and Prince back aboard this project, hopes are high. Various directors have remade previous films in their canon to varying results, but this could be an exception.   Crazier things have happened, right?

Source Variety

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