Steve James Helming Generation Food Next

Directors like Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore may get all the headlines, but if this writer has said it once, he’ll say it yet another time: the best living documentarian is one Steve James. Following classics like Hoop Dreams and the absolutely brilliant The Interrupters, James has cemented himself as one of the best of the bests, and now we know what will be next in store for the director.

James and writer Raj Patel (‘The Value Of Nothing’), are set to work on a project known as Generation Food, which will involve a feature documentary, a book, and much more. They are crowdsourcing the project via IndieGoGo, and hope to change ‘a broken food system today so that everyone can eat tomorrow.’

The team hopes to earn $50,000 come August 16, so if this is a project that gets your blood flowing, definitely let the team know, as they need our help to attempt to change the food world for good. For more information, head over to their IndieGoGo page. I know it’s getting my dollar. He’s the best working documentary filmmaker, so if there has ever been a director whose eye can shine the right amount of light on a failing food system, it’s Steve James.

Source The Playlist

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