Steve McQueen To Reteam With Hunger Star Michael Fassbender For Shame

Apparently director Steve McQueen has found his muse.

According to Variety, McQueen will reteam with his Hunger star, Michael Fassbender, for a new film, that will take the place of McQueen’s long talked about Fela Kuti biopic, as the filmmaker’s next project.   The film, entitled Shame, will again look at a basic human need, as it will follow a man who has a tough time managing his sex life, in a story that will ‘examine the nature of need, how people live their lives and react to the experiences that shape them.’

Personally, while I’m sad to see his Kuti biopic, set to star Chiwetel Ejiofor, fall by the wayside, I do have to admit, this sounds like a truly amazing project.   Hunger is an absolutely fantastic piece of cinema, and toss in a screenplay penned by Brick Lane writer Abi Morgan, and you have a film that I truly can’t wait to check out.   Sure, the Kuti project has the possibility to become something special, but this is a film that really sounds amazing.   Fassbender is a great actor, McQueen is a great filmmaker, and Morgan is a great writer.   What’s not to like there.

Source: Variety

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