Stills From Hitchcock’s The Manxman And The Mountain Eagle Going Up For Auction

Throughout history, very few ‘lost’ films have been as sought after as the debut film from director Alfred Hitchcock. Entitled The Mountain Eagle, the film has long been thought not only lost, but possibly never to have existed at all. And today, not only do we have proof that the film actually existed, but it can also be yours to own for the right, likely sky high, price.

Set to go up for auction on December 15 and 16, a collection of photographs from two of Hitchcock’s silent works, both Eagle and his fantastic The Manxman will be sold to the highest bidder. A set of 59 oversized, high quality prints that were created for Hitchcock’s personal archives in the 1920s, so they aren’t your run of the mill distribution shots or set pictures.

Manxman has been relatively easy to find, albeit in a sub-par state, on home video, but the reveal of these stills for Eagle are groundbreaking. The film has been one of the most talked about lost silent films in cinematic history, and hopefully we’ll be able to find a print of the film to be able to see the picture once again.

Source Profiles In History

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