Studios Looking To Close Theatrical Window With Expensive On Demand Options

No matter what fans of the cinematic experience may say (and I just so happen to be one of them), there is a change coming, and it’s not going to be pretty for theater chains.

According to THR, Hollywood studios and cable companies, like Time Warner and DirecTV, are getting closer to a deal that would make available to these operators, theatrical releases only 30 to 60 days after they premiere in theaters.

The cost would be rather expensive, clocking in at $24.99 for a film only 60 days out of its release, with a $50 price tag for a month old release. These aren’t final terms, but it looks like a deal is rather close to getting finalized.

Prior to this summer, I thought that this would have been the worst news in the history of film. Well, now, having worked at a theater and seeing the length of films hitting theaters, I have to say, this is rather good for film studios, which could use the extra bit of cash. While the price tag is steep, I would love to be able to rent something like Toy Story 3, and watch it at home. Or say a much smaller, indie release, a film like Winter’s Bone, would be able to hit my television with relative quickness. While it’s not going to change my love for going to theaters, if the option is there, it’s one that I think is rather justified.

What about you?

Source: THR