Sundance And Tribeca Looking To Expand Distribution Output

With SXSW only a few weeks away, two of the film’s worlds foremost film festival operators have decided to steal a bit of the Austin based festival’s thunder.

According to the NY Times, both Tribeca Enterprises and The Sundance Institute are set to expand their distribution, looking to audiences on a national level as the ultimate goal.

The outlet has revealed that both Tribeca and Sundance will be expanding their distribution shingles.   Tribeca plans to more than double their distribution output from 11 films a year to 26 pictures, with Sundance looking to apparently brand channels on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more.   Efforts on the latter’s front are still ‘incomplete,’ so details are scarce, but if these brief glimpses are any inclination, we are in for something really huge from both of these film festival titans.

As a writer based out of the western portion of Michigan, available film festivals are few and far between.   So personally, this news could not be more exciting.   Sundance has really pioneered this ideal through their Selects shingle, and honestly, I hope more and more festivals begin to use this business model.   It will only help these festivals grow, and grow in a world that ultimately seems to be turning to digital distribution for future changes.

What do you think?

Source: NY Times

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