Sundance Selects Nabs New Film From ‘4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days’ Director Cristian Mungiu

For a while now, since midway of last year to be a bit more exact, director Cristian Mungiu has been a filmmaker often rumored in relation to The Criterion Collection.   His Palme d’Or winner, ‘˜4 Months, 3 Weeks And 2 Days’ has been rumored to be an impending Criterion release, and now, we may be seeing yet another Mungiu film hitting Criterion.

Thompson On Hollywood reports that his latest film, ‘˜Beyond The Hills,’ has seen its North American theatrical rights nabbed up by Sundance Selects, a subsidiary of distributor and Criterion Collection soul mate IFC Films.

The film is set in Romania, and ‘follows a young woman who returns to her home country after living in Germany and reunites with a friend she has known for years since their childhood in the same orphanage.   She has found a family in the nuns and priests of a rural convent, and refuses to return with her to Germany.’

As a huge fan of ‘˜4 Months,’ this is one film I can’t wait to check out. As far as it’s Criterion possibilities, I would have to imagine that this is one that is high on their priority list.   Could this be a part of a Mungiu box set? Maybe paired with Mungiu’s debut, ‘˜Occident,’ in a Czech New Wave-like Eclipse box set? The possibilities are really endless here, particularly when it comes to a film from one of cinema’s most interesting directors.

Source TOH

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