Sundance Selects Nabs Two Films From Park City


As if the company’s name was any hint, it should come as no shock that the team over at Sundance Selects (a subsidiary of Criterion bunk mates IFC) are controlling Park City this Sundance, at least at this stage in the game.

The company has nabbed up the rights to two films, and both of them sound really quite intriguing. First up, the distributor has picked up a film entitled Dirty Wars. From director Richard Rowley, the film is a documentary that follows the story of Jeremy Scahill, a journalist who attempts to dig deeper into America’s foreign policy and the wars that it is fighting.


Sundance Selects isn’t done with their documentary haul though. The company also nabbed the rights to the mountain climbing documentary The Summit. This picture follows the story of 24 climbers who have tried to climb the summit known as K2, with only 13 of them coming back down the mountain alive.


With the company being behind documentaries like Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry and How To Survive A Plague, these two films couldn’t have fallen in better hands. Now, while their use of the IFC brand with regards to its relationship to Criterion is unlikely at best, moving forward, they can expect a great company pushing them forward into the spotlight they likely deserve. Here’s to hoping this isn’t the last we hear of IFC, Sundance Selects and their time during this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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