Swedish Producers Of Fincher’s Dragon Tattoo Selling Assets; Where Does This Leave A Sequel?


With J.J. Abrams maybe directing the next Star Wars film (I say maybe because anything can happen, especially with the most hotly sought after project in Hollywood), another director may or may not be leaving a franchise.

First things first. An eagle eyed reader has hunted down some intriguing information pertaining to David Fincher and his ever gestating sequel to his superb Girl With The Dragon Tattoo adaptation. The Swedish production company involved with his feature, GWDT Film AB, has commenced auctioning off all of their products pertaining to the production of the film. Everything ranging from wheel barrels to the Millennium sign seen in the film is up for sale, sparking many people to believe that they are no longer involved with Fincher’s film. However, is Fincher even involved with the film at this point?

The reader posits that the company is selling all of its assets and is a signifier of Fincher’s jettisoning of the project, but at this point, anyone’s guess is as good as ours. I’ve always seen Fincher’s involvement as pensive at best, as the film was not only somewhat of a financial failure, but if the sequel was of any importance to the studio, it would have been fast tracked a while ago. Fincher is eyeing new projects at Fox and Disney, so at this point, all signs are pointing to him nowhere near ready to take on this franchise again.

Anyways, this all may mean nothing but a company eyeing some quick profits, but for those interested in checking out just how giant this auction is, head over here for the details. It is in Swedish, so get those translators out.

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