TCM Remembers Those Cinema Lost In 2012

Sure, 2012 is ending and most of the year-in-review posts you’ll find are going to be promoting the very best of what this year has had to offer cinematically, but as with any year, it’s one where we as a medium and a culture have lost a great deal of our biggest, brightest and most iconic names.

Ranging from actors like Andy Griffith to directors like Theo Angelopoulos, composers like Marvin Hamlisch to critics like Andrew Sarris, 2012 has been a tough year for those with any sense of reverence for the medium, as some of our brightest stars where taken away from us.

TCM, in their imminent wisdom, has released a lengthy video commemorating those we’ve lost this year, and it’s a really tough one to sit through. A beautifully made tribute to historic lives lost, the video is scored by M83’s fantastic ‘Wait,’ so check out the fantastic ode to those here.

Source TCM

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