Teaser Trailer For Marco Bellocchio’s Dormant Beauty Hits

With the festival season comes new films from fresh faced up and comers, and some new films from the absolute masters of the cinematic craft. An example of the latter has just seen a teaser trailer arrive, the film in question being Fists In The Pocket director Marco Bellocchio’s Dormant Beatuy.

The Film Stage has the first trailer for the film, which stars the incomparable Isabelle Huppert, and follows the controversial story of Eluana Englaro, the focus of Italy’s hotly contested euthanasia debate that enraptured the country. Here’s the full synopsis:

Italy is cleaved by Eluana Englaro’s drama, who will die after 17 years spent in a vegetative state. This national tragedy will touch and transform various characters, each of them with their own ideology and beliefs. A senator is struggling with his vote on a law he profoundly disagrees with, torn between his conscience and his loyalty towards the leaders of his party. His daughter Maria, a pro-life activist, is protesting in front of the clinic where Eluana is hospitalized. Roberto and his brother are there in opposition, demonstrating for stronger secular values ‘” yet it is with Roberto, the ‘enemy’ that Maria falls in love. These and other converging stories are connected by a unique emotional thread: a reflection on the meaning of life.

The film will debut at Venice and then jump across the world and show during Toronto’s festival this year, making it one of the more intriguing fall releases. The spot itself is only a good 30 seconds long, but it gives us a great glimpse as to the visual style and what to expect from this interesting project. I am a massive Bellocchio fan, particularly following his last film, the outstanding Vincere, a film I still can’t quite shake. Hopefully this will follow suit.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODcKBZmLp0I]

Source The Film Stage

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