Terrance Malick’s Tree Of Life Screens In Austin, Not Ready For Cannes

Many film fanatics will again wish they lived in Austin, TX, because Terrance Malick’s newly anticipated film “Tree of Life” has supposedly had a secret screening and someone by the name of ‘Stan’ was there who reported on it. Take this with a grain of salt, because sometimes people out there have the time and energy to waste all of our time by reading fake reports, but I’m thinking with the recent news of the film not screening at the Cannes Film Festival that this film is gearing up for Toronto or Venice instead. Here’s the report which can be read in the comments board over at Slash Film:

[The secret screening has] already occurred. He screened it to an audience of about thirty, and it’s literally 97% done. Our boss was able to see it, and called it the best film of his since ‘Badlands.’ [‘Tree Of Life’ cinematographer] Emmanuel Lubezki was in attendance, as was some vfx gurus (one of which was my boss).

It will not make Cannes. The visual effects aren’t done, but the footage that we’ve worked on is near complete. The reason for the delay in post is because of the amount of detail IMAX 70 MM requires. I can assure you that the results are worth the wait.

Our house is referring to [the IMAX footage] as ‘Voyage of Time.’ I don’t know if it will be a separate documentary. Terrence has made sure that we work on footage without knowing too much of the plot or reason behind it. It’s always about a feeling or an emotion. He is definitely the most interesting director we’ve had the pleasure of working with, and probably the only who’s interacted with the digital artists themselves. He has never settled for results less than immaculate, but is humble and patient about it.

“Tree of Life’s” story tracks a father (played by Brad Pitt) and son (played by Sean Penn) relationship over several decades with what appears to be two of Hollywood’s finest actors dueling it out on the screen.

Any news of a Malick film is always good news, especially here at the Criterion Cast. A review for their new Blu-Ray of Malick’s own “Days of Heaven” is forthcoming, but in a few words, it’s never looked better. And with the news of “The Thin Red Line” being remastered secretly at Criterion as well, it seems that we’ll be getting tons of Malick goodies for the next year or two, and hopefully for years to come beyond.

If only there was a “Badlands” announcement as well…

Source: SlashFilm.com

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