Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life May Not Be Ready For Venice Film Festival, Brad Pitt And Malick Spotted In LA

Oh paparazzi photos, how you are the bane of my existence.

However much I dislike the idea of reporting something based on a photo, when the photo features both Brad Pitt and Terrence Malick, you get why it may be newsworthy.

The photo was found on WENN (via The Playlist) and features the thespian and auteur just hanging out in L.A. late this past week. Now, that’s as far as our ability to tell facts runs. However, let the speculation begin.

So, Tree of Life is rumored to be hitting the upcoming Venice Film Festival, with the Toronto Film Festival looking like a certainty. However, with the film reportedly only ‘97%’ done, could Pitt still have work to do on it? Or is that pad of paper/folder that one Terrence Malick holding a brand new screenplay? Could they be talking about Malick’s next film? Why in the hell is Pitt still wearing the Mel Gibson beard? What is Malick doing out in the open? That’s the last thing the director likes to do.

However, according to Anne Thompson, Malick isn’t quite ready to make any commitments to Venice. No word as to why the filmmaker isn’t ready to make a commitment yet, but with him meeting with Pitt, it’s hard not to think that there may be more work to do on this film than any of us could think. Voice over work may not be too cumbersome, especially if they are already getting on it, but if more has to be done, like effects work or other post production stuff like that, this may be more away from seeing its premiere than just Venice. Toronto is looking more and more likely, but even that may not be far enough away.

Overall, this is a story that gives us writers a reason to write about Terrence Malick, which is something I could do for days. He’s a brilliant director, so the guy could take the trash out and we would try to find some meaning out of it.

Source: WENN / The Playlist

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