Thank You: No Ticket Price Increase For The Hobbit At 48 Frames Per Second

Yes, the idea of Peter Jackson shooting three films based on one novel, ‘The Hobbit,’ screams of greed, but apparently the fact that the film is being shot at 48 frames per second won’t play into that much at all.

Variety  is reporting that WB, in a smart but not shocking move, has decided that the already in place three-to-five buck 3D up charge will be the only price one needs to pay to see the film in the upped format.

Now, with theaters having to up their 3D projectors to support the format, it’s going to be interesting to see just how many theaters will actually take on this cost in order to show films going forward (The Hobbit itself is getting a very limited release in the format). However, with buzz out of the footage shown at this year’s CinemaCon being far less than positive, it will remain to be seen as to how quick 48fps truly takes hold. It has been said to aid 3D filmmaking, but with such a high cost to upgrade projectors and software, it may not be the fastest growing trend in film.

At least you and I won’t have to pay to see the upgrade.

Source Variety