The Complete Metropolis Is Now Available On Netflix Watch Instantly, Blu-ray Hits Stores Next Week

Are you chomping at the bit, waiting for the day that you can watch the newly restored “Complete” Metropolis that will be released next week on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber? Well if you have a Netflix account, you can check out the film right now via Netflix Watch Instantly.

Apparently the Blu-ray was supposed to be released this past Tuesday, but was delayed due to production problems. I’ve had the opportunity to check out the Blu-ray and it is absolutely gorgeous. It is definitely something you’ll want to add to your wish list this holiday season. The Blu-ray features a documentary highlighting just how we got to here we are with this new print.

The film is available in HD on Netflix Watch Instantly, but you’ll need to be connecting via an appropriate device for that to be enabled. I tried it out on my desktop browser, and it wouldn’t load in HD. It may be one of those titles that need to be viewed on an Xbox 360, or PS3, for you to get the full HD stream.

I’m including the trailer below for the restoration, to help give you an idea as to how gorgeous this new print is.

Metropolis is easily one of my top ten films of all time, as it combines so many elements of filmmaking that I love: Science Fiction, Social and Class Issues, and absolutely gorgeous art direction.

We’ll be posting a review of the Kino Blu-ray as well as the Masters Of Cinema Blu-ray release within the next couple of weeks, in time for your holiday shopping needs.