‘The Last Emperor’ Heading Back To Theaters In 3D

The director himself may have bailed on 3D for his next film, but it appears as though one of the auteur’s past pieces may not be so lucky.

The Guardian is reporting that Vittorio Storaro, cinematographer for Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor, has revealed that that very film will be undergoing a new 3D transfer.   Apparently, a few scenes have already been toyed with, with producer Jeremy Thomas saying that ‘Bernardo is thrilled with it.’

The award winning film joins many others in the recent rise of classics getting the 3D revamp, but this is distinctly the most interesting.   The film itself is a grandiose piece of filmmaking, and it may ultimately look great in 3D.   As far from the Star Wars and Lion Kings as a film could be, this has one of the smaller markets being looked at, but it may also prove to be one of the best 3D revamps around.   Producer Thomas is also behind a possible Naked Lunch 3D upgrade, so while all of this is still very much in the first stages of actually happening, who knows? These two films could prove to be the shot in the arm the 3D format has needed.

What do you think?

Source The Guardian / The Playlist


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