The Master Tops Sight And Sound’s Top 10 Films Of 2012

The same outlet that brought you the most talked about list in all of pop culture this year, their list of the Greatest Films Ever Made, Sight And Sound, is back with their list of the greatest films from just this calendar year. And it’s a doozy.

They have revealed the ten (or so) greatest films from 2012, and leading the way is Paul Thomas Anderson and his fantastic The Master. Then, continuing the over the moon praise for the film, Miguel Gomes’ Tabu arrives in at number two. Rounding out the top five are Amour, Holy Motors and Beasts Of The Southern, which itself is tied with Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio. Toss in Moonrise Kingdom, Beyond The Hills, Cosmopolis, Once Upon A Time In Anatolia and Jafar Panahi’s This Is Not A Film, and you have a top 11 list that is absolutely fantastic.

I’ve seen a handful of films on this list, but if it does one thing, it shines a light on some unsung gems. Berberian Sound Studio is a film that I have frankly heard nothing about other than a handful of festival reviews, and Beyond The Hills has been one of the great unseen works this year, as it doesn’t hit theaters stateside until next year. Overall, it’s a really great list that proves just how diverse this year has really been.

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