The Masters Of Cinema Cast Joins Our Podcast Network


Last March, Tom Jennings and Joakim Thiesen, two podcasters based in Europe teamed up to create the Masters Of Cinema Cast podcast. As we do with our main episodes of the CriterionCast, the Masters Of Cinema Cast highlights the Masters Of Cinema DVD and Blu-ray releases from Eureka Entertainment.

Jennings produces the 24 Frames Cast, and Joakim had previously produced The Film Mann podcast. Over the year and a half that they’ve been producing the Masters Of Cinema Cast, they’ve released twenty five episodes, covering films such as Time Masters (which I was a guest on), Rumble Fish (which Scott Nye guested on), and Silent Running (which David Blakeslee guested on).

A couple of years ago, I decided to rebrand our podcasts as a “network” (Hyperbolic), with the hopes that we’d have a nice rotation of shows, centered on our common love of film, home media, and pop culture. I was thrilled when Joakim and Tom approached me with the idea of adding their show to our network. They’ve been incredibly supportive of our shows over the past five years, and I’m so happy to directly help bring their show to our audience.

Starting today, their show will begin appearing in our “master feed” podcast feed, on the site and in iTunes. You’ll still be able to subscribe to all of our shows individually, and their RSS feed and iTunes feeds will continue to work as well.

We’re still toying with the idea of adding their back catalog to the site, but for now, you can find all of their past episodes on their Web site or in iTunes.

While you’re over in iTunes, take a moment to rate and review their show (and ours if you’re feeling generous). If you’re not an iTunes user, we’d love it if you recommended our shows to your home-video-loving friends.

A few links, if you’re interested:

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