THR Unveils Writers Roundtable Featuring Michael Haneke, Mark Boal And More

Just last week, what with awards season in full swing now, THR unveiled their first yearly roundtable discussion, and they are back with an even more intriguing discussion this week.

Last week the Best Actor hopefuls got their chance to chime in (them being Denzel Washington, Alan Arkin, Matt Damon, Jamie Foxx, John Hawkes and Richard Gere), the writing nominees are up for vetting this week. THR nabbed up Michael Haneke for his film Amour(!!!), Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty), David Magee (Life Of Pi), Judd Apatow (This Is 40), John Krasinski (The Promised Land) and Chris Terrio (Argo) to chat about their work, and other topics pertaining to their films and their craft.

While Haneke is the biggest name here for cinephiles, the entire conversation here is absolutely fantastic. Haneke discussing if he’d make a film portraying Hitler is a highlight, and the pair of Boal and Terrio (whose respective films are this year’s   political hot button pictures along with Krasinski’s Promised Land) discussing their projects is really quite thrilling for those interested in political and historic dramas. It’s a lengthy discussion, but it’s an enthralling one.

Source THR

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