Three Clips From Werner Herzog’s Into The Abyss Hit

If there has ever been a blend of filmmaker and subject more simpatico than Herzog and his upcoming documentary Into The Abyss, I have yet to see it.

Abyss follows the story of a group of prisoners, focusing on two men who were convicted of a triple homicide, as well as a man who killed his lover and her two mentally handicapped sons, all of whom are currently on death row in Texas.   Sitting down with both the people in question as well as their family and friends, Herzog looks to truly dig into the minds and worlds of these inmates, and now, thanks to TIFF (where the film will premiere later this year), we have our first few clips.

We have three clips in total, all of which are really fantastic.   It’s amazing how in just around two minutes, Herzog is able to go from asking about an overall trend like ‘death row groupies’ to jumping into the realm of something wholly personal, like asking a woman what her lovers hands are like.   He’s a filmmaker unlike any other, and these three clips are perfect examples of that very concept.

Source TIFF

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