Three Shorts From Abbas Kiarostami Play At Abu Dhabi Film Festival

While I can’t say I’ve ever had the chance to see an Abbas Kiarostami (Taste Of Cherry, Close-Up) film in theaters, I can only imagine the experience, at least for those who adore his minimalist style as much as this writer does, is akin to something like seeing your favorite band live for the first time.

That is exactly what happened at this year’s Abu Dhabi Film Festival, where the Iranian auteur gave attendees the opportunity to see three of his short films.

Films shown at the festival include Rain; the director’s piece of art that consists entirely of a series of photographs, that had only been shown previously at an exhibition at Pompidou Centre.   Along with Rain, 2005’s Roads of Kiarostami played, and is yet another minimalist look at the heart of themes that are at the core of Kiarostami’s filmography.   Rounding the trio out is Sea Eggs, the lone debut of the trio, is a single shot film, that is a fixed-frame shot of three eggs washing up on a beach.

No news as to any possible release for these shorts has been stated, but with Certified Copy coming to DVD relatively soon (I would imagine at least), who knows is a possible Criterion release could come, with a short film or two in toe.   I would only have to imagine that it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

The most interesting one to me is Eggs, far and away, but what one would you like to see come on a DVD release of some sort through Criterion?

Source: Slant

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