Tidbits: Danny Boyle’s The Beach Heading To TV, First Look At Spielberg’s Lincoln, More

As people continue re-visiting director Danny Boyle’s debut feature, Shallow Grave, with Criterion’s recent Blu-ray release (I think a thank you needs to go to Barnes And Nobles, as that film, at least via Twitter, was easily the most purchased release during their 50% off sale), one of Boyle’s much maligned films may be making its way to the small screen for a new attempt at life.

Deadline reports that Boyle’s The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will be brought to the small screen thanks to Fox, who have bought the rights to a new take on Alex Garland’s book, ¬†keeping the story in the family of sorts, as Fox also released the film back in 2000. Andrew Miller has written the TV script, with all signs pointing to a debut sometime next year. ¬† Personally, while I’m not a huge fan of the film, the premise is interesting (basically a man trying to find true paradise), and could really make for one hell of a serialized television show. Color me intrigued.

In other news, THR reports that director Robert Zemeckis will be again taking on a live action film, after spending years in the animation world (asides from his upcoming live action return, Flight), by taking over a project once attached to director David Gordon Green. With a script from Dustin Lance Black, the film is entitled Taking Flight: The Hunt For A Young Outlaw, and was Green’s much talked about look at the life of Colton Harris-Moore, a young man who escaped juvenile detention and became a recluse living in Washington State. Staying free by stealing everything from cars to planes, it’s truly an amazing story, and one that was quite an interesting departure for Green. Tossed in Zemeckis’ hands? It becomes nothing more than Oscar bait sounding slop. I’m far from a fan of the director, so while the project still sounds great, it’s not one that this writer can say he’s all that stoked for. Fingers are still definitely crossed, but slightly.

Finally, EW has revealed a new look at Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, and it’s unbelievable. The photo is of Daniel Day-Lewis as the titular president, and while there isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said about the film, it’s beyond anticipated. The photo is amazing, and with a November release looming, it’s bound to be one hell of an Oscar player this year.