Tidbits: Gravity Gets A PG-13 Rating As A New Clip From Life Of Pi Arrives

When it comes to Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming Gravity, any news is good news.

According to Rope Of Silicon, the long awaited sci-fi epic has gotten a brand new rating. The film, which is basically a Sandra Bullock starring Tarkovsky-esque space epic following two astronauts who must survive following a space station disaster, will now be rated PG-13 for ‘intense perilous sequences, some disturbing images and brief strong language.”

Now, while the rating is a total non-story (an action/sci-fi epic starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock being rated a PG-13 is the least shocking story you’ll find ever), the fact that it is even rated at all is fantastic. That means the film is just about complete (it’s safe to assume this will be the choice cut for Cuaron and WB), so is it all that far away from a release date? Could it be playing the early 2012 festival slate with a debut as the opening film for SXSW? Could it head to the Croisette and give Cannes a bit of star power? Or is it a Toronto-bound awards contender? We’ll find out soon enough.

Finally, in films that are actually coming out relatively soon news, a new clip has arrived for Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi. With rave reviews making the lead up to its November 21 release almost unbearable, the new clip is just the right bit of tease to get your appetite for the film going even more. Check it out at Moviefone.

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