Tobey Maguire Cut From Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi

At the cuts just keep on coming, especially for those one would think would be not only safe from the cutting room floor, but fodder for much of their respective film’s promotional cycle.

After a handful of actors were revealed to be cut from Terrence Malick’s upcoming film, To The Wonder (including who we all assumed to be the film’s star, Ben Affleck), it’s Ang Lee’s turn. THR is reporting that despite having a history of working together (on both the Criterion approved Ice Storm and Ride With The Devil) Lee has decided to go ahead and cut out star Tobey Maguire from his upcoming film, Life Of Pi, only to replace him with Rafe Spall.

Maguire had only been cast in a relatively small role, that of ‘The Writer,’ a man simply existing to interview the film’s lead, Pi. Spall, whose biggest role has been in the Ridley Scott film Prometheus, now has this small, but apparently hotly contested role, in an odd turn of events. Lee’s reasoning? He has said that, to keep up the fact that the film features almost entirely a foreign cast, he decided to cut out Maguire, saying that he looks ‘forward to working with him again in the future.’ Maguire has followed suit saying that he supports the choice, so while we don’t really know, it appears to be all fine and dandy between the director and his apparent muse. One can only hope though, as the pair have made two fantastic films together. Hopefully their relationship will continue going into the future.

Source THR

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