Trailer And Clips Arrive For Tabu

Of all the films that this writer has seen this calendar year, very few have been as genuinely shocking and surprising as Miguel Gomes’ deeply moving stunner, Tabu.

Bowing stateside in limited release on December 26, the film is an experimental gem of a film, blending not only different film stocks, but with the piece split into two halves, the final half of the film is best described as a silent film. The black and white piece is emotionally devastating, and one of the most visually inspired pieces of film that we’ve seen all year. And now, a trailer has arrived.

The trailer has hit for the film (along with a pair of clips from the film), and it is nothing short of amazing. The trailer and clips hint at the film’s grand aesthetic, as well as its startling use of music and different film stocks. As mentioned above, the final half is essentially a silent film, but it’s arguably the greatest single portion of any film that we’ve seen in 2012. A story of love and loss, Tabu is easily on of this December’s most must see films.

[vimeo 53365915 w=400 h=300]

Source The Film Stage

Joshua Brunsting

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