Trailer Arrives For Michael Winterbottom’s The Look Of Love


One of today’s most exciting cinematic voices, director Michael Winterbottom is back with yet another brand new picture, and with IFC firmly behind it, this appears to be a film to keep a keen eye on.

A trailer has arrived for Winterbottom’s newest film, The Look Of Love, and while it’s the filmmaker’s sixth credited work in three years, he doesn’t seem to have lost a step.

The film tells the story of Paul Raymond, an entrepreneur who ultimately became the UK’s wealthiest man. Raymond is best known for being the man behind the UK’s first strip club, and also various magazines with a soft-core porn leaning. Following the death of his daughter in 1992 he pulled out of the public light, and ultimately died in March 2008.

Starring Steve Coogan, the film touches on the various bits of Raymond’s life, from his work as a porn tycoon to his life at home as a husband and a father. Winterbottom remains one of this writer’s favorite directors, and this story looks and sounds like one ripe for a film adaptation. With beautiful photography and a raucous soundtrack, this remains one of this year’s more interesting pictures.

Source IFC

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