Trailer For Christopher Doyle And Takashi Shimizu’s Rabbit Horror 3D Arrives

As far as titles go, it’s hard to beat Rabbit Horror 3D.   As far as talent goes, the same can be said for the film.

Seeing The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu and beloved cinematographer Christopher Doyle team up, the film is a co-directing effort between the two, and is a horror project revolving around a kid who snuffs out a rabbit, culminating in a woman in a rabbit suit haunting the village.   Now, thanks to Twitch, we have our first trailer for the film, and it looks as bizarre as that short logline sounds.

The film has yet to find domestic distribution, but with the talent involved, that shouldn’t stay that way for too long.   Stylistically, the film looks creepy as all hell, and quite a stunner.   I love the atmosphere set here with this trailer, be it the oddly upbeat music that opens the film, or the haunting score that sends it out.   It looks fantastic in the most bizarrely odd and appealing kind of way.

What do you think?

Source Twitch

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