Trailer For Danny Boyle’s Trance Hits The Web


He’s back, and he’s back in a big, bombastic way.

Thanks to BBC1’s Film 2013, where, during the final credits, this premiered, we have the first trailer for Danny Boyle’s latest film Trance, and it looks just like the type of Boyle film we’ve come to expect.

Starring James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel, the film follows a man who teams up with a group of thieves to steal some art, only to suffer amnesia after a blow to the skull. With a score from Rick Smith, the film features the kinetic aesthetic that Boyle has been fond of throughout his career, most recently in the oddly frenetic 127 Hours and posited early on in films like 28 Days Later.

While I’ve gone on record as saying I’m far from a fan of Boyle’s recent work, the idea of him taking on a heist picture with his singular sense of style is really quite thrilling. Hopes are really high for this picture, and while there isn’t a release date set for the US, it’s definitely one of this writer’s most anticipated pictures of this year. It bows in the UK on March 27, so maybe a SXSW premiere? Looks at least possible.


Source MSN

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