Trailer For Lena Dunham’s HBO Series ‘Girls’ Debuts

Say what you will about her, but Hollywood appears to be in love with one Lena Dunham.

As her breakthrough film (along with her debut, ‘˜Creative Nonfiction) ‘˜Tiny Furniture’ makes its way to Criterion, we have our first look at the mumblecore star’s latest effort, a TV series entitled ‘˜Girls’ set to bow on HBO.

The show stars Dunham as a seemingly 20-something in the middle of New York, and all the shenanigans that come with it, so basically, imagine ‘˜Furniture,’ but weekly.   Do with that description whatever you will.

Personally, as a huge fan of ‘˜Furniture’ and Dunham as a whole (her interview with Elvis Mitchell on The Treatment confirmed to me that she’s a far smarter and more interesting a filmmaker than one would imagine), and her brand of Whit Stillman-like comedy really shines here.   She’s got a distinct style and sense of humor, and one that looks to bleed well over to the weekly television world.

What do you think?


Source  The Playlist


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