Trailer For New Film From The Writer Of Borgen, A Hijacking, Hints At Something Truly Great


With television slowly becoming as influential and inventive a medium as film (particularly when looking at brilliant work from networks like HBO or AMC), Danish television is having as important a revolution as any country around. And one of its stars is set to head to the big screen with a brand new feature film.

Writer-turned-director Tobias Lindholm is heading from a masterful TV show like Borgen (more on that in a moment) and has helmed a new thriller entitled A Hijacking. A new trailer for the film has arrived and following a collection of raves from its debut at Venice last year, this is shaping up to be a must see piece of work.

The film stars Pilou Asbaek and Soren Malling (both best known for their work in Lindholm’s aforementioned TV series and tells the story of a Danish ship hijacked by Somali pirates. Oozing tension and suspense, the trailer hints at a truly special film to keep a keen eye on. And Lindholm’s involvement is enticing, as with season one of Borgen now available on DVD, we can all see why he’s a truly great voice.

The show is now available in a four disc set and this writer had the pleasure to dig through the set earlier this week, and for fans of truly great television, this is fantastic. Following a story of politics and corruption that mixes the political centric plot of Fincher’s House Of Cards with the icy cold aesthetic of the import The Killing (whose producers are behind this series as well), Borgen features fantastic performances and a 10 episode arch that is as twisty and engaging as any you’ll find. The photography is top notch, and the blend of stark visuals with political intrigue makes for a potent politi-noir that should be seen by anyone and everyone.

Check out the trailer for A Hijacking below.

Source Live For Films / The Playlist

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