Trailer For The Werner Herzog Co-Directed Documentary Happy People Arrives


A new year, a new documentary from director Werner Herzog.

This time, with his next film Happy People: A Year in The Taiga, he’s teaming with co-director Dmitry Vasyukov, he’s heading out into the Siberian wilderness to tell the story of a small village of those living on the bank of the Yenisei river. The village of Bakhta is completely isolated by just about everything ranging from contact to the outside world to even running water, the film looks at how this has allowed this civilization of sorts to thrive unfettered for decades upon decades now.

A trailer has arrived for the film, and while it’s not at all aesthetically similar to the film I’m about to mention, the themes feel very similar to a film like Powaqqatsi in how it posits that the lack of forward movement of their culture may very well be the best thing for those involved. It looks like a fantastic documentary and with a release date on January 25, we’ll be seeing a lot more about this film relatively soon.


Source The Playlist

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