Trailer For Upcoming Remake Of Carrie Arrives

With a RoboCop remake getting a new release date, yet another remake of a film with Criterion Collection roots (although only secondary, unlike RoboCop‘s direct Criterion involvement) has found a trailer hit the web. And this writer must say, it’s immensely intriguing.

Okay, maybe not the trailer itself, but the film is proving to be one of the more interesting remakes around.

A teaser has arrived for a remake of Brian De Palma’s Carrie, and while it isn’t much to look at, the film itself has a boat load of great things going for it. The trailer itself basically focuses on what is best described as the climax of the film, which is odd but a perfect tease for this feature. Directed by Kimberly Peirce, the film also stars Chloe Moretz, and with that great a cast and filmmaker it really doesn’t get much better. Peirce is the absolute perfect filmmaker to take on this type of project, and while De Palma’s film is a fantastic horror gem, it’s also absolutely perfect fodder for an update.

More on this project as it comes.


Source Yahoo

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