Trailer For Werner Herzog’s 3D Documentary, The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

While 2010 may have been the year of the documentary, one director is hell bent on making 2011 an equally intriguing year for the world of nonfiction filmmaking.

Today we have the first trailer for Werner Herzog’s upcoming film, The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, and it’s an absolute show stopper.

Herzog’s look at the Chauvet Caves, the film is Herzog’s first foray into the world of 3-D filmmaking, and looks at the world’s oldest known pictorial looks at human life, and what is best described as the place that art, truly began.

With exclusive access to the caves, this film looks like an absolute visual wonder.   The trailer is relatively long, and I’m glad, because I can’t get enough of what I’m seeing here. It goes without saying that Herzog has a wonderful visual eye, but this is something wholly different.   Not seeming to solely focus on something like a struggle between man and nature, or the theme of obsession, this one seems to be far more visual than some of his previous works.

The film hits in the spring, through IFC Films.   Criterion, I want this one on Blu-ray, so use your partnership to its full extent.

Source: YouTube

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