Trailer Hits For Matteo Garrone’s Reality


With Gomorrah making huge waves in the arthouse world for director Matteo Garrone, he’s about to be back with his new film, Reality, and thanks to its distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories, we’ve got one hell of a trailer to chew on until it arrives in theaters.

The film follows the story of a man with an obsession for reality TV and the show Big Brother, and while reviews have been mixed at best, the film does really look like something to keep a keen eye on.

Garrone’s breakthrough film is one of the more underrated Criterion releases around, and the film itself is an absolutely brilliant crime drama. It’s hard to be truly jazzed for this film given the odd mixture of reviews, but the film looks beautiful and the performances look solid. Toss in an intriguing premise and themes relevant to today’s world, and this is a film that will be quite exciting to check out. It hits theaters starting on March 15.

Source The Playlist

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