Trailer Hits For Oz The Great And Powerful

In anticipation of its March 1 release date, a new trailer has arrived for director Sam Raimi’s upcoming tour in Oz, and it doesn’t quite look like anything the director has made since.

Starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and a cavalcade of others, the Disney release looks and feels as gaudy and bombastic as you’d expect from a modern day trip to Oz, and while Franco doesn’t look to be the most compelling of leads, the film does look rather entertaining.

The film has become one of the more anticipated pictures set to bow in the first third of 2013, Raimi’s film looks to be beautifully extravagant and extravagantly beautiful. With candy colored photography and CGI-heavy effects works, the March release may make for one of the earliest ‘blockbusters’ we’ve seen in a while. As the blockbuster season moves more and more into the spring and later and later into the fall, it’ll be interesting to see just how quick and heavy audiences flock to the theaters to see such an elaborate spectacle film. I myself can’t wait to see what the hell Raimi will do with this property. Fingers are definitely crossed.

Source Apple / Joblo (for the embed)

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