Two New Projects For Abbas Kiarostami In The Works, One In Japan, One More With Juliet Binoche

Apparently Abbas Kiarostami (Close-Up, Taste Of Cherry) may have found his muse.

According to an The Playlist, during press rounds for the recent NYFF premiere of Kiarostami’s latest film, Certified Copy, the film’s lead Juliette Binoche revealed that she is set to team back up with the filmmaker, saying that they ‘have another project.’

She then went on to say that Kiarostami not only has a project with Binoche in the work, but another one, set in Japan:

“He’s doing a project in Japan, he was going to do it in Korea but now he’s doing it in Japan. The new script we’ll do together will be available in November, so I don’t know yet.. I know a synopsis, but’¦No! You have to be patient for it to grow because he has his own rhythm.”

Personally, while I haven’t seen the film yet, I do adore both Kiarostami and Binoche’s work, particularly Kiarostami’s canon, a selection of films that I truly love.   I am also quite interested in seeing what the filmmaker can do with a  setting like Japan.   I would love to see what Kiarostami can do in a new world, but with the same style and themes that have made him a giant in the world, but more particularly his native Iran.

However, it’s hard to argue with a true auteur like Kiarostami re-teaming with a gifted thespian like Binoche.

Now can we just get a release of Certified Copy? Please?

Source: The Playlist

Joshua Brunsting

Josh is a critic, a member of the Online Film Critics Society, a wrestling nerd, a hip-hop head, a father, a cinephile and a man looking to make his stamp on the world, one word at a time.

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