Venice Lineup Includes Films From Cronenberg, Akerman, Polanski, & Andrea Arnold

Just a few days after TIFF had announced its first 50 films from this year’s festival slate, the Venice Film Festival has announced their own lineup, and I must say, it’s one hell of a collective.

Criterion Collection nuts will have a field day here, as various directors from the collection will be bringing their new films to Italy this year.

First up, in competition, David Cronenberg will be taking his new film, A Dangerous Method, to Venice this year, making it one of the bigger fall festival season players this year.   Steve McQueen’s Shame will play this year, as will Andrea Arnold’s (Fish Tank) Wuthering Heights.   Roman Polanski will debut his latest film, Carnage, at Venice this year, as will Todd Solondz, who brings Dark Horse this year.

Out of competition, Chantal Akerman and Whit Stillman will debut their next projects, La Folie Almayer and Damsels In Distress respectively.   Damsels will be the festival’s closing film.   Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion will play out of competition, with Jonathan Demme’s I’m Carolyn Parker: The Good, The Mad and The Beautiful playing in the Orrizonti portion of the festival.

The full lineup is one hell of a collection of intriguing films, including the ones mentioned above as well as the likes of Madonna’s W.E., Chicken With Plums from Persepolis duo Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud, and even Alps, from Dogtooth helmer Yoros Lanthimos.

Here’s the full slate:

Venice 2011 Competition
The Ides of March, George Clooney (US) [opening film]
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Tomas Alfredson (UK, Germany)
Wuthering Heights, Andrea Arnold (UK)
Texas Killing Fields, Ami Canaan Maan (US) (second work)
Quando La Notte, Cristina Comencini (Italy)
Terraferma, Emanuele Crialese (Italy/France)
A Dangerous Method, David Cronenberg (Germany/Canada)
4:44 Last Day On Earth, Abel Ferrara (US)
Killer Joe, William Friedkin (US)
Un Ete Brulant, Philippe Garrel (France/Italy/Switzerland)
A Simple Life (Taojie), Ann Hui (China/Hong Kong)
The Exchange (Hahithalfut), Eran Kolirin (Israel) (second work)
Alps (Alpeis), Yorgos Lanthimos (Greece)
Shame, Steve McQueen (UK) (second work)
L’ultimo Terrestre, Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (GIPI) (Italy) (first work)
Carnage, Roman Polanski (France/Germany/Spain/Poland)
Chicken With Plums, Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud (France/Belgium/Germany)
Faust, Aleksander Sokurov (Russia)
Dark Horse, Todd Solondz (US)
Himizu, Sion Sono (Japan)
Seediq Bale, Wei Te-Sheng (Taiwan) (second work)
Surprise film

Out Of Competition
Vivan las Antipodas! (documentary), Victor Kossakovsky (Germany/Argentina/Holland/Chile/Russia) [opening film]
Damsels In Distress, Whit Stillman (US) [closing film]
La Folie Almayer, Chantal Akerman (Belgium/France)
The Sorcerer And The White Snake (Baish Echuanshuo), Tony Ching Siu-Tung (China/Hong Kong)
Giochi D’estate, Rolando Colla (Switzerland/Italy)
La Desintegration, Philippe Fauchon (Belgium)
The Moth Diaries, Mary Harron (Canada/Ireland)
Alois Nebel, Tomas Lunak (first work) (Czech Republic/Germany)
W.E., Madonna (UK) (second work)
Eva, Kike Maillo (UK) (first work)
Scossa, Francesco Maselli, Carlo Lizzani, Ugo Gregoretti, Nino Russo (Italy)
La Cle Des Champs, Claude Nuridsany, Marie Perennou (France)
Il Villaggio Di Cartone, Ermanno Olmi (Italy)
Wilde Salome, Al Pacino (US)
Tormented, Takashi Shimizu (Japan)
Contagion, Steven Soderbergh (US)
Marco Bellocchio, Venezia 2011, Pietro Marcello (Italy) (documentary, short)
La Meditazione Di Hayez, Mario Martone (Italy) (short)
Tahrir 2011, Tamer Ezzat, Ahmad Abdalla, Ayten Amin, Amr Salama (Egypt) (documentary)
The End, Collectif Abounaddara (Syria)
Vanguard, Colleftif Abounaddara (Syria)
Evolution (Megaplex) (3D), Marco Brambilla (US) (experimental film)
Questa Storia Qua , Alessandro Paris, Sibylle Righetti (Italy) (documentary)
Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, Lisa Immordino Vreeland (US) (documentary)
Golden Career Lion – Nel Nome Del Padre, Marcho Bellocchio (Italy)

Cut, Amir Nadri (opening film)
L’Oiseau, Yves Cuamon
Wilson Hail, Amiel Courtin
Nocturnos, Edgardo Cozarinsky
Amore Carne, Pippo Delbono
I’m Carolyn Parker: The Good, The Mad And The Beautiful, Jonathan Demme
Sal, James Franco
Whores’ Glory, MIchael Glawogger
Die Herde Des Herrn, Romuald Karmakar,
Stateless Things (Jultak dongshi), Kim Kyungmook,
Clarissa Campolina. Helvécio Marins Jr.,
Photographic Memory, Ross McElwee,
The Invader, Nicolas Provost
Shock Head Soul, Simon Pummell,
Two Years at Sea, Ben Rivers,
Aims Of The Blind Horse (Anhey ghorhey da daan), Gurvinder Singh,
The Orator (O le tulafale), Tusi Tamasese
Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours, Rirkrit Tiravanija,
Verano, José Luis Torres Leiva,
Kotoko, Shinya Tsukamoto,
Le Petit Poucet, Marina de Van,
Swan (Cisne), Teresa Villaverde,
The Sword Identity (Wokou de zongji), Xu Haofen,
Would You Have Sex with an Arab?, Yolande Zauberman,

Source: Venice  / The Playlist