Want A Free Redbox Rental? Get Thee A Pepsi!

As if Redbox couldn’t have any better of a time in the market, they go and join with one of the biggest giants in the world.

According to Home Media Magazine, starting this very month, anyone who goes out and purchases three Pepsi or Frito Lay products will receive a free one night rental from the kiosk juggernaut. The promotion will run throughout 2010.

Personally, I go grocery shopping about once a week, maybe bi-weekly, and this is definitely something that I’ll be taking advantage of. Who doesn’t by soda and potato chips at the same time? Throw two 2-liters and a bag of chips in your cart, and then rent a movie for free, and you have one hell of a movie night ahead of you.

Sure, their selection is rather lacking, especially for any cinephile worth his weight in $50 Criterion box sets, but you really can’t beat a free rental. At least I can’t think of anything that could beat it. Now if only Redbox would get some Criterion films.

Source: Home Media Magazine

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