Warner Archive Instant Launches, Monthly Subscription Set At $9.99


With most people spending much of the last few weeks being jealous of the select few entered into the beta for the long discussed streaming service from The Warner Archive Collection, it’s now time for everyone else to get them a piece of that ever jam packed pie.

The Warner Archive Collection has officially launched their streaming service, and have now revealed how much that will be taking out of the wallets for the various people signing up. For a perfectly priced $9.99 a month (as well as the first two weeks free for signing up), one can now enjoy various films and TV shows from WB, MGM, RKO, Allied Artists and more, with select titles found in 1080p.

Now, for those looking to stream those titles on your television, you’ll have to have one singular device. Warner Archive films can be streamed on any registered Roku set-top box (get one here), as well as on your computer. Like Netflix, for computer streaming, you’ll need to install Microsoft’s Silverlight, which you can get here. HD streaming isn’t available outside of the Roku service, and mobile playback isn’t supported at this moment.

Here’s a kicker though. The service will feature a “Showcase” which is described as a “monthly festival-style list of streaming movie marathons.” They call it like “having a repertory theater in your living room,” so fans of social media may have found a rather intriguing new outlet. I know this is the most interesting aspect of the service as of this moment for me, but when more ways to watch become available, this is definitely a service I will be getting.

Going forward, Warner Archive Instant will see new films added, and they’ve mentioned on Twitter that new devices and features will follow.  I sure hope that more devices become available soon, and from what we’ve gathered, things will be moving along over the next few weeks/months. It’s good to know that they are putting their library ahead of other things, as when more devices get added, this truly becomes one hell of a streaming service. Particularly for cinephiles. I know I’m signing up ASAP.

Sign up for your free two-week membership here.

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