Warner Bros International Passes $1Billion For 2010

I wish I could make a billion dollars in five months.

According to Variety, Warner Brothers International has passed that very mark in just under five months of overseas releases, setting a record for the distributor.

This is the distributor’s 10th consecutive year passing that mark internationally, with Clash of The Titans leading the way with $314 million since opening day. The distributor also has Valentine’s Day and last year’s hit Sherlock Holmes, which ran in international markets through the start of 201, grossing $262 million past New Year’s Day.

This number will without a doubt hit an even higher mark, as the studio still has both Sex and the City 2 and Chris Nolan’s Inception, which will both make more than their fair share of greenbacks. Oh, and a little film called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 still has to see its release, so this is just the start of what looks to be a massive haul for WB.

And who said movie going was dead. Apparently they were wrong.

Warner Brothers International doesn’t seem to be the only part of WB doing well these days. According to Studio Briefing, Village Roadshow Pictures Group, part of the Australian media company, Village Roadshow Ltd, has apparently closed on a new, $1 billion facility to make it’s upcoming slate of films, which are in partnership with Warner Brothers. The deal is the largest financial transaction since the recent economic collapse, which cut a lot of credit given to film producers.

With the economic collapse, it looks as though things are slowly beginning to return to where they were prior. Films are being made for much more money than they previously were, and they have made far more money than they have, so this could not be a better way to counteract announcements that studios are looking to take theatrical releases to the home. Here’s hoping it sticks.

Source: Variety / Studio Briefing

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