Warner Bros To Release Their Big Movies In 3D

Warner Bros. Executive, Alan Horn announced at ShoWest 2010 in Las Vegas, that all of his studios big movies will be released in 3D in 2011. This will increase the number of 3D film released by Warner Bros from five in 2010 to nine in 2011.

All big movies including big summer blockbusters, big special effect films and all superhero movies will all be released in 3D. Even movies not shot in the 3D format will get the post-production 3D treatment. Movies like the remake of Clash of The Titans, which was not shot in 3D but later up converted to gain optimal box office success. Warner Bros who also owns DC Comics, might give the Superman and Batman sequels the 3D treatment. This could be very interesting. Very interesting, indeed.

How could studios resist the allure of 3D? James Cameron’s Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time and it did so at a record pace because of 3D. Tim Burton’s re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland grossed $116 Million opening weekend because of 3D. A movie that got mix reviews from critics and audience members alike.

I’m not completely sold on 3D myself. I guess I’m just old fashioned that way. Maybe studios need a 3D flop to truly see the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Is this the future of cinema in the 21st century? Will 3D catch on with general audiences? Do you see Criterion ever releasing a 3D movie on 3D Blu-Ray?

Source: Peter Sciretta – /Film

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