Watch Françoise Bonnot Win The 1970 Editing Oscar For Costa-Gavras’ Z

Claudia Cardinale and James Earl Jones present Françoise Bonnot with the Academy Award for Best Film Editing for Costa-Gavras’ Z.

From Criterion:

Featuring kinetic, rhythmic editing, Raoul Coutard’s expressive vérité photography, and Mikis Theodorakis’s unforgettable, propulsive score, Z is a technically audacious and emotionally gripping masterpiece.

Bonnot also edited Costa-Gavras’ Missing, and Melville’s Army Of Shadows (among others)

Gotta love that random reaction shot of Sammy Davis Jr at the end. If you’re not subscribed already, I’d highly recommend checking out the Oscar’s YouTube channel, which is full of delightful archival pieces like this one which they just uploaded today.

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