Watch The Earliest Surviving Alfred Hitchcock Film Online

2012 may be a year of many things, but it can’t help but be said that iconic master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, ruled cinema this calendar year. Two separate biopics have bowed this year looking at the life of the director, and with a career-defining Blu-ray box set of his films released the man who currently owns the slot as having directed the greatest film of all time, Hitch has become one of the most talked cinematic entities this year.

Now, thanks to the National Film Preservation Foundation’s website, we can watch the director’s oldest surviving film, The White Shadow.

Released in 1924, the film will run on the website for two months, but not in its entirety. The first three reels of the film are the only remaining pieces of the film that we have, clocking in at 43 minutes in length. With Hitch credited as an art director, assistant director, editor and writer, the film is a melodrama that stars his future wife, Alma Reville. Led by Betty Compson, the film follows two sisters who are far more different then their appearance would have you think.

While only 43 minutes remain here, the film is a really intriguing historical document, and it’s thrilling to be able to see it online. The picture is directed by Graham Cutts, but Hitchcock’s hand is all over the picture. Enjoy!

Source THR