Watch The Entire Blu-ray Panel From CES 2011 With Oliver Stone, Baz Luhrmann, And Michael Mann

Earlier this week we wrote about an extra special Blu-ray event that would be happening this weekend at CES in Las Vegas, and no, we’re not talking about Star Wars (but it was put together by 20th Century Fox).

Yesterday, 20th Century Fox brought three incredible directors: Baz Luhrmann, Oliver Stone, and Michael Mann, up on their stage to talk about about their thoughts on Blu-ray.

The fine folks over at the have already uploaded a complete 30 minute recording of the talk with the directors, from the show. Check out the video below:

Obviously, I now have a vested interest in the success of Blu-ray and physical media in general, but there is clearly a shift towards digital technologies, and streaming video. Lots of studios have joined forces in supporting a new digital locker technology called UltraViolet. We’ll be writing a more in depth article on that soon, but I just wanted to get this up so you could watch it ASAP.

Again, a big thanks to the folks at AVForums TV for getting this video up so quickly, and you should all support them by heading over and creating an account.

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